The rules.

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The rules.

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 02, 2015 1:39 pm

Atention. Nerespecting this rules will get you UNINVITED from start and in some cases BLACKLISTED or/and BANNED.
1. The /m command will be used for role-play actions like: Move away from this zone or you will get wanted 3 and to somate a wanted suspect.
2. The /r chat is a free chat in moral limites. If you break those you will be sanctioned.
3. /d Is not a free chat. If you use /d for other actions beside announcing a suspect is at you, forming a team or major problems you will be punished.
4. When you go to wanted players you need to go with a pd vehicle or else you will be punished.
5. /siren is not obligatory when you chase a player.
6. Only the leader can use /gov to announce something very important. If you use /gov and you aren-t the leader you will be punished.
7. You need to /showbadge to the player you chase if it stop or else you will be punished.
8. If you abuse of any commands (like /teazer, /drag, /cuff, /take...) you will get the maximum punishment.
9. Here is how you proced to chase a player: You get next to the player with a car and say on megaphone X you are chased by police. Stop where you are. If it-s stop you get a teazer and shoot them, cuff them, get with the car next to him and then detain him and then arrest them.
10. If the player is in a car you go and block them with roadblocks and then procede like a normal player. Atention: Ifd you don-t remove the roadblocks you will be punished.
11. Any wanted have the right to predate at this point beacause if you kill him he will not go to jail.
12. If the player is afk send a report to the admins. If is-t an admin availible get him 1 or more wanted.
13. If the player kills himself or press /q when you are next to him complaint him to het warn.
14. If you abuse of cars as well you will be punished.
15. Don-t go with the personal car to catch players or you will be punished.
16. The time for jail is 2 minutes for wanted 1, 4 minutes for wanted 2 etc... with bail only at wanted 4 + and the bail no less that $50.000 and price of the jail always $2.500
17. You are not permited to clear random. You announce on /d if you want to clear a person with the reason and then clear and you don-t clear beside you-re given wanted. You restore his wanted level or else you will be punished.
18. If you get crash in time you have player cuffed in you-re car reconnect and tell the admins or else you will be punished.
19. If you don-t close the gate after you go you can be punished.
20. Players can do dm to you if you are chasing someone but you will give them 1 wanted for this. And if the same player do dm 3 times to you report him.
21. Report players that do dm to you when you have a suspect in the car.
22. /leofrisk will be used with an interval of 3 minutes on the same player or else you will be punished.
23. If the player doesn-t stop after 3 somation you give him 1 wanted. The third time you do that you can report him.
24. If you don-t have proofs for any action you will be punished.
25. If you find an illegal item to a player you give them 1 wanted and take that item. If it run from taking you give them 2 wanted and let the other cops to chase them.
26. The ticket can be for lights out from the hour 20:00 PM or for N.O.S in cars, not wearing /seatbelt, driving without license and the ticket will be cost $1.000.
27. If the player doesn-t stop after 3 somation to give a ticket give them a wanted and let them go.
28. You can take a player license only if it uses unregulamentary and you don-t give them 1 wanted if it won-t refuse you to give the license.
29. In other situation that are not covered here ADMINS have the finall word.
30. If oyu don-t respect the general rules too you will be punished.
31. The maximum players in this faction will be 10. Leaders who not respect this limit will be punished.


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