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News Reporters Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 01, 2015 3:41 pm

Atention. Nerespecting this rules will get you UNINVITED from start and in some cases BLACKLISTED or/and BANNED.
1. Respect this rules and the other game, forum rules or else you will be punished.
2. /news is for posting a roleplay advertisment (in conform with the other rules) or a pay advertisment.
3. Don-t user the sorther form of the terms (ex: bro, hey etc...) or you will be punished.
4. Commands of the server will be writen with [] (ex: [/sms]).
5. A paid advertisment cost $500. If you don-t respect this price you will be punished.
6. A roleplay announce can be posted with an interval of 15 minutes time.
Ex of roleplay announcements:
At this moment, the weather is clear.
It is a good time to explore the Chilihad mountain.
Do not carry illegal stuff because the police will see you.
Ex of paid announcements:
X sell a X with the price of $X. For more details [/sms X].
Y buy a X and have a buget of $X. For more details [/sms X].
7. Respect the other rules in-game and in-forum when you go /news or else you will be punished.
8. /live can be used by default when you have the skills (put 30 or more announcements).
9. Price of the live is $5.000 for level 1-10 and $10.000 for level 10+. If you don-t respect this price you will be punished.
10. If you make scams with /news or /live you will recive the maxim punishment.
11. If you use /news or /live in personal scope you will recive maximum punish.
12. You need to respect this model of live or you will be punished.
A. Hello Alliance Roleplay server. In this day/night/hour I am here with my guest X that I will take an interview.
B. Let-s start with the basic question: What is you-re name and how old are you?
C. You can say to us what is you-re occupation?
D. If you would have a million dolars in you-re hand you spend it on what?
E. What games do you play beside SA-MP and what game do you like most?
F. What do you like and what do you hate on our server and why?
G. What is you-re opinion about staff and leaders on our server?
H. What faction do you like most and what faction do you dislike most?
I. What is the most important faction and what is the most wanted faction?
J. If you were a superhero what super-power you want to have?
K. If you are having a child what tallent or ability you would like to take from you?
L. You are part of faction? And if yes what rank do you have?
M. What was you-re last faction and what rank did you have?
N. If you are to choose from be a normal player/leader/helper or admin what would you choose and why?
O. Now let-s start with public questions. If you have a question to my guest feel free to [/sms X].
(And you choose only the roleplay questions and the questions that not discover real-life player informations like adress, phone numeber etc... or else you will be punished.)
P. At the finall do you want to add something?
(Maximum 3 lines.)
Q. This was the interview with our guest X. I was the reporter X and I wish you a good day/night/hour.
13. Before the /live you must explain you-re guest the follow rules and aplly them if it-s in case or YOU will be punished:
A. If you make 2 mistakes on live that can be:
1. You use short term words like bro, what-s up etc...
2. You insult in any way other player
3. You don-t follow the rest of forum and game rules
4. You uncover you-re sensitive informations
5. You make fun of a situation etc...
B. The /live will be closed.
C. If someone atack us or you or I get crash or kicked or banned the /live will end.
D. If you write a too short proposition you will possibly get kicked and the live will end.
E. The live can be ended if you advertise other servers or the admins explicitly wants this.
14. If some situation mentioned at A. B. C. D. E. is aplyied you must end live and announce on /news as fast as you can:
P. Because if the X SITUATION the live with our guest X has been ended. I wish you a good day/night/hour.
15. In other situations that are not mentioned there ADMINS will have the finall word.
16. Maixmum members in this faction will be 5. Leaders who doesn-t respect this limit will be punished.


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