Paramedic Rules.

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Paramedic Rules.

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 01, 2015 1:10 pm

Atention: nerespecting this rules can get you uninvited and in some cases blacklisted and wanted.
1. Beside this rules respect all general rules in forum and game.
2. If you stay afk in ambulance you will be punished.
3. If you heal without ambulance you will be punished.
4. /r is a free chat in limits of the rules.
5. /d is not a free chat, Who free chat on /d will be punished.
6. Cops recive heal on $1. Who don-t get cops heal with $1 will be punished.
7. The maximum limit of members for this faction is 5 members. Leaders who don-t respect this will be punished.

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