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Attention: Leaders who invite players without apliication will be punished.
Model of apllication:

Nickname on server:
Hours Played:
Self Description(minimum 20 words):
Why Am I Good for this departament:
What Is this departament Ocupation:
You will respect other members/leaders:
You have capacity to colaborate:
Other details:

If you don-t respect the model you-re apllication wll be deleted.
If you don-t respect the other forum rules (like multiple apliication, spaming, advertising etc... on apllication) it will be deleted and you sanctioned.
You-re apllication can remain here for a long time so don-t complaint about it or else you will be sanctioned.
It-s forbiden to talk in-game about aplication or else you will be punished.
In other situation that are not mentioned here ADMINS have the finall word.
An ADMIN reserves the right to delete an aplication with only a good reason (except OWNER that can delete what he want).


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