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Post by Admin on Thu Jul 30, 2015 8:46 pm

This server is originaly made by costanemy (known as actualy Emy_Boss in the game.) It was a long development effort which continued about 6 months. After this months we decided to release a BETA version of the server. After few more fixes and testing we released the ALPHA version. And now the current version is ALPHA. The server was made by one person so it has bugs but I do all the effort to solve them. I am the only owner and scripter and it will remain like this. My friends helped me alot with the server and I like to thanks them very much. This is a most dynamic gamemode so admins can do anything except some situations. By the way I think i will not introduce the real money pay because this is a game and not reality. You spended money already on GTA San Andreas so... What will be the sense of adding real money system? I hope you like the forum and the server. So... Have fun!


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